Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Teenage Baker

I thought it'd be best to open this blog up by saying that yes, I am a teenager. I'm in high school and spend quite a lot of my time sitting around on the internet looking up recipes I want to try. Many of the channels I'm subscribed to on YouTube are baking channels. I beg my parents to buy me the supplies I need and, when they actually do, I hurry to try my hardest to use them.
So, I believe it's fair to say I have an interest in baking. It's not a professional interest, as my major goal in life is to become a writer, but I let it take up quite a bit of my time.
My mother posed this crazy idea of creating a blog at dinner last night, after I commented about how I wanted to try a recipe for French bread pizza I wanted to try. I decided to give it a try, since I needed something productive to do this summer besides writing fanfiction.
Most of the recipes I'm going to be trying are ones I find online, but I'll be able to give you an actual account of how the recipes work (or don't work). Hopefully this will be an amusing ride for everyone involved.

Love from,
Your Friendly Teenage Baker